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Anisotropy map bug?


As we know, Anisotropic range is from -1 to +1

From 0 -> +1, usually, the anisotropic orientation is vertical and. from 0 -> -1, is horizontal.

So, in my opinion, black should be horizontal and white vertical. And, it's so.
But, from RGB [0,0,0] until RGB [64,64,64] nothing change!!! And, from [0,0,0] until [64,64,64] the anisotropy is perfectly horizontal O_O
Also, we have different noise quality in the preview at [64,64,64]

Good point. I am not exactly sure how the colors are interpreted here, but you can also try using CoronaColor with pure white set, and then changing the "Output multiplier" value.

It's so:

(*) Black = -1  -> It's OK
(*) white = +1 -> It's OK
(*) Middle gray (3ds Max [128,128,128]) = 0 -> no anisotropy -> It's OK

But, the problem is between Black and 128.
Why  is [0,0,0] almost identical to [64,64,64]? It's.. it's strange...  Maybe some "gamma" problem somewhere...

definitely a gamma issue, will investigate further.


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