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Bump strength bug?



Here is the scene file (2016sp4)

> Open the scene, don't move the viewport (actually you can zoom in/out and pan but DON'T rotate)
> Add a texture to bump slot. (I can't provide you the textures but you can put any textures on bump slot)
> open IR and see the result

Not sure if this is bug. You're rendering orthographic view. That is never good idea in combination with enviromental projection. HDRI reflections goes bonkers, especially on flat surfaces. You can turn your model 180 degree about Z axis and see that his flat back also renders the same. As soon as you switch to perspective view, bump renders as expected.

Thanks for the answer, romullus.

Look like a bug, I will take a look. Thanks for the scene. Note to self: saved as "_forum 13782 bump strength bug"


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