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3D modelling armchair EDIT: [work has been awarded]

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--- Quote from: Juraj_Talcik on 2016-05-04, 11:51:42 ---
--- Quote from: fellazb on 2016-05-04, 11:48:15 ---If you want design connected quality why not ask them? I believe you can request furniture to be modelled by them. Don't know how much they charge but it's worth a shot I guess.

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But is this job they will do in timely manner on personal request ? I thought it's like asking them what to make in near future. But if so..that would be great.

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On their old site I remember they had the option to request this kind of service. I can't find it now on their new site and indeed they upgraded their site like you said so perhaps they skipped it... Still I'd contact them to see if it's still possible.


interesting :)
ok, this job is in work right now.

I have seen this too, some time ago.
This was like an external request site (Link or something..I dont remember).
But, well..I have send a request for one chair there this time and it´s still not on their site.

If this would be possible and they are fast it would be pretty awesome.

I will send a mail to the DC-support and ask them if it´s generally possible.

best regards

Keep us informed, good luck!

I knew it was on Trello :)

Please see the attached screenshot from DC (red framed).
On this link we can still suggest something I think..if it works well, I dont know.

I will add a suggestion for the chair and monitor it.

all the best

DC recently started a suggestions page, you can find it here:

It's vote-based so I'm guessing they won't be modelling all of that, but just the most popular models, so it's a bit uncertain if your model will be created and if it will be in a timely manner if you need it for a current project. I think they are mostly trying to figure out what to create next and find out what will sell. ;)



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