Author Topic: CoronaScatter On selelected faces only  (Read 9903 times)

2016-02-02, 16:51:37


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  • Jonathan de Blok
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Take  face selection into account for scattering, I think it could have two modes:

  • Fixed count,  so selecting less faces makes it more crowded on the selected ones.
  • Fixed density, internally all faces are used for distribution, but the items on non selected faces are discarded.

Mode 2 would give a stable scatter even if you animate the face selection using a volume select modifier for example.  And when using soft-selection values  to multiply the scale values it would allow for some really cool massive mograph visuals.

A practical application would be to grow trees on a mountain, using some selection tools, or an MCG graph, only the +-horizontal polygons below a certain altitude are selected, then scatter grows trees only on those. Changing the topology automatically adjusts the trees then, Soft-selection could make the trees smaller near the treeline. Procedural all the way!

2016-02-03, 03:18:58
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Ludvik Koutny

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I definitely agree with the request. But also, one of the few good things about CoronaScatter is that it can utilize at least some modes of Falloff map inside of density slot. So for example Towards/Away mode set to World Z-Axis work. When clamped using mix curve, it can be used to distribute scattered instances on slopes only, or restricting them from slope areas. Distance blend mode (to restrict altitude) doesn't seem to work reliably, but I think that's just a bug, not really a limitation.