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I hope you're using Corona logo with permission from Chaos. Looking at your YT channel i get impression that the project is fully endorsed and supported by Corona team, which i'm not sure if that's true.
Hi. I have posted this video before I took some bad responses from Chaos Team related on logo and some other thing and fixed that already and also JUST in video shows up "this kind of issues" but not inside addon itself. Here you can see how it is look after fixed issues related permissions. Hope it goes well from my side?

The demo scene has been added for BCorona v1.9 with Blender 3.1+ supported. Enjoy! ))

Nichetto 102s Stenley armchair by @odil24:

Work in progress scene for BCorona addon. The scene will be available for all!
The scene will include Corona shaders with textures applied for understanding scene organizing in BCorona addon for Blender v3.x.

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