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Can you provide the correct steps to reproduce the issue?

We have logged this as a feature request in our system.

(Report ID=CMAX-1165)

We logged this as a feature request in our system. We will let you know once we have any update.

(Report ID=CMAX-1164)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-07-09, 08:30:54 »
I found another "bug" in VFB2
If you start the IR and zoom in on the image in the framebuffer using the mouse wheel, then when you make changes to the scene, the zoom is automatically reset to 100%. This is a very undesirable behavior, I sometimes need to correct small details pixel by pixel, and the size of the monitor does not allow me to use 100% zoom for comfortable viewing.
Please return the previous behavior of this function if possible.

This is now reported in our system.

(Report ID=CMAX-1159)

[Max] I need help! / Re: HDR map
« on: 2024-07-09, 08:20:32 »

Some users were discussing a similar issue some time ago here:

They resolved their issue by disabling specific exploit protections for 3ds Max and Corona. Navigate to Windows Security > App & Browser Control > Exploit Protection and disable settings like Control Flow Guard for these applications.

You can also use HP’s support and diagnostics tools to identify hardware issues.


Try changing texture paths to local paths instead of network paths. A user had reported that using direct paths fixed the issue for him.

Also, try disabling your antivirus or firewall (temporarily) to see if it resolves the issue.

If this does not fix the problem for you then feel free to start a ticket with us using this link:

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Chinese version of Corona
« on: 2024-06-27, 18:07:06 »
Hi, currently there no such plans but if this changes, we will let you know.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11, 3ds max 2024 crash
« on: 2024-06-26, 14:15:02 »

It would be best if you can send us your scene file and the repro steps so we can try to repro the same crash on our end and find a solution for you.

Hi everyone,

We're excited to announce that now anyone who is using the Corona 12 RC 2 should see the Corona Material Library materials in Cosmos. It would be awesome if you could help us by doing some quick testing to ensure everything is working correctly.

Note: It's possible that there might be issues, and some users might not be able to see the materials with Corona 12 RC. If you get this issue, please let us know so our team can fix it ASAP.

What to do:
  • Update your Cosmos to the latest version
    - You should receive an automatic update pop-up for version 2024.06.19-403374.
  • Check if you can see and use the Corona Material Library materials.
    - Open Cosmos and search for names of the material from Corona Material Library and see if these materials can be used properly in your scenes.
    - Test a variety of materials to see if there are any inconsistencies or issues.
    - Report any issues or problems here in the forum.

Thank you in advance for your help & happy rendering!

Just checked, it's broken. And it has been already broken in RC1. It is just about the standalone (Edit: and vantage) export function of the Corona interface. A correct call (with all needed parameters) would be for example

Code: [Select]
CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.exportScene @"C:\Corona\myscene.cdo" 0

All you get since RC1 is

Code: [Select]
-- MAXScript Listener Eval Exception:
-- Unknown system exception
-- MAXScript callstack:
-- thread data: threadID:10096
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- [stack level: 0]
-- In top-level

I think adding that vantage button broke it. Daily 0706 did it correctly.

Good Luck

I was able to repro this issue and have logged it in our system for our devs to review. Thank you for reporting this.

(Report ID=CMAX-1114)

We have recently experienced technical issues with the Cosmos browser, which resulted in inconsistent asset numbers. The issue is now fixed and the numbers you see in your Cosmos browser are correct. Please make sure your Cosmos is fully updated - it automatically shows a notification if a newer version is available.

Below are the current asset numbers for V-Ray and Corona. Please note that these numbers may change in the near future as we are continuously expanding our asset library!

In rare cases, the assets may also be removed. For more information, see: Why are some assets being discontinued from the Chaos Cosmos library?

3ds Max:
V-Ray Version -> All assets -> Materials
5.20.23 -> 4516 -> 823
6.00.04 -> 5483 -> 1769
6.10.04 -> 5553 -> 1769
6.20.06 ->  5564 -> 1769

3ds Max:
Corona Version -> All assets -> Materials
Corona 9 HF3 -> 4546 -> 832
Corona 10 HF3 -> 4627 -> 832
Corona 11 HF2 -> 4632 -> 837

Corona Version -> All assets -> Materials
Corona 11 HF2 -> 4632 -> 837


Can you confirm me if you are using Corona 11 or Corona 11 hf 2?

Where exactly are those vdb located ? Local or network drive?

Are there any special characters in the naming of those vdb files, other than normal a-z English alphabets and 0-9 numbers?

Have you tried loading vdb from any other website?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11, 3ds max 2024 crash
« on: 2024-06-17, 05:27:44 »
Thanks for the info.

Can you let me know if you are able to crash some specific files only or this issue is consistent in a scene that contains some simple geometry shapes and contains no 3rd party plugins.

Can you try resetting your 3ds max enu to make sure the crash is not triggered by any 3rd party plugin in the 3ds max?

Keep backup of the enu folder so you can restore it back.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 11, 3ds max 2024 crash
« on: 2024-06-16, 21:06:25 »
Hi, by any chance you have a intel i9 13900k or 14900k CPU?

Can you please clarify that if you are using Corona 11 or Corona 11 HF 2?

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