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It is constantly happening to me. Normally when I touch the white balance it trigger the render. When the scene gets more complex, with textures, lightning, objects etc. it trigger with the simplest action in the VFB

How do I get this solved? Any suggetion? Other thing is I cant drag my mouse over the arrows in VFB to make the adjustments and I lose a lot of time tweaking the settings. Help me please

I find easier to achieve the desired settings by scrubbing the value over the arrows when working on VTB. In my Mac book pro with over 10 years it works like a charm, but in my iMac Pro, I can only make changes by clicking the arrows, and that consumes a lot of time to get to the results I want. It’s harder to fine tune this way I think. Another thing is whenever I click in one of the vfb settings, for instance the White Balance, the IR restarts.  I can’t find why the faster rig is the slowest to make the changes

Sure . I'm going to upload it for you


Thank you for your reply.

Actually, when I refresh the IR, the image goes back to normal. But so it does to yellow if I do any change in the Corona Sky.

I tried a different approach, and put a Corona bitmap under the Corona Color Correct, and then selected the HDRI. It seems to be working fine by now. Made some changes (offset U, Gamma, and linear Exposure) and it's stable.


I'm getting this yellow screen whenever I do some changes on Corona Sky. I have a Corona Sky, in Shader/HDRI mode, with a Corona Color Correct in the Shader, and an HDRI image in the shader. I can do one or two rotations of the sky, but no more than that. After the third alteration, may be a rotation, but happened in the Color Correct when I touch the Exposure in the Linear (HDR) adjustments, or in the Gamma tab. What am I doing wrong?

My rig is a iMac Pro 10C with 32GB Ram. Using Cinema 4D r20 and Corona 6 Hotfix 1


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Layer in bump texture rollout
« on: 2020-12-15, 20:11:51 »
I'm having the same issue. Need to combine two shader to make a bump and the layer channel doesn't seem to be working

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