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Hello. Thank you for your reply.
You can see online project by this link:
If you need project files just subscribe to my Patreon.

Героям слава!


Link to tutorial:

In this article, you will learn how to make a 360° panorama-tour of your renders is completely free.
We will not have to pay for any service, hosting, domain or registration.

Also, there will be no ads in the interface or logos.
It will be possible to view the tour in a web browser, of course there will be adaptation for Desktop and Mobile.

As a hosting we will use GitHub - a super stable solution with Uptime 99.99%.
And to create a tour - the simplest online service Marzipano.

Click the link below to see the result you get.


Interactive Web Browser car configurator. You can easy to master Playcanvas (WebGL) with this series of lessons.

Although the Urus car is used as an example, all the practices that are used in this project can be applied to archviz projects as well.
For example, you can create a configurator for kitchens, cottages, mobile phones, or whatever you can imagine.

This project is indicative and it "stuffed" quite a lot of different components to show all the possibilities. Therefore, after reading this lesson, you can make your own project, of almost any complexity.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10


How to combine beautiful Corona rendering and modern interactive technologies like WebGL?

In this series of tutorials, we will make an interactive interior presentation that can be viewed in real time through a web browser. And this means that your client will not have to download any applications or heavy Unreal projects weighing 10 GB.

With WebGL, everything is much simpler, this project weighs only 40 MB and loads in 5 seconds. The performance of a mobile device or an average desktop computer is more than enough to run such projects. There is no need to have a lot of RAM or video card resources here, since a special approach is used for this type of project, which we will talk about next.

We will learn how to optimize models, bake textures, export FBX correctly, master Playcanvas and as a result create a professional one that is highly valued in the architectural visualization market.

Part: 1
Part: 2
Part: 3
Part: 4
Part: 5
Part: 6
Part: 7
Part: 8

Live online preview:

General CG Discussion / Re: [Useful Scripts\Tools]
« on: 2021-09-07, 11:56:59 »
Hey guys, maybe add this super script in list?

Thanks in advance for your comments



With Prune Scene you can clear your 3Ds Max scene from scripted viruses and accumulated garbage.
This allows in some cases to greatly reduce the size and accelerate saving of scene.

Full Description:
Full Manual:


You can use this script fully free. But in the paid version, you will find nice bonuses, such as a one-click update "by air" and the availability of all hidden settings!


  • Clear Track Notes
  • Clear Retimers
  • Clear Mixers
  • Clear Garbage Collection
  • Clear Memory
  • Clear Reactor Collision
  • Clear Animated Layers
  • Clear Missing Bitmaps
  • Clear Missing Plugins (mrmaterialattribs.gup, berconnoise, complexior etc.)
  • Clear Corona Renderer Missing Assets (HDCache.hdc, LUT (*.cube))
  • Remove Root Custom Attributes (day1RefCA, D1_FileNotes, NoteCount)
  • Remove Empty Layers
  • Remove All Animated Keys
  • Remove Missing Objects (LinkComposite, etc.)
  • Remove Invalid Objects (ParticleView, etc.)
  • Remove Viruses (ALC, CRP, ADSL, DesireFX, AlienBrains (mscprop.dll), PhysX Plugin Mfx, etc.)
  • Fast Selective Scan Viruses
  • Instant updates
  • Multi language interface
  • Batch Disinfect files from viruses
  • Active Protection from viruses (also protect startup scripts folder)

Why Prune Scene better then other cleaners/antiviruses:

  • Continuous workflow (install then Clear or Disinfect without reopen 3Ds Max or external program install)
  • Multi language interface
  • Auto register menus interface
  • More virus signatures (now available 10 signatures)
  • Selective scan for viruses (without open files; scan whole partition as C:/, D:/; you can continue work when scanning)
  • Protect startup scripts folder from virus injection
  • Batch disinfect files (find viruses with Selective Scan then disinfect them all)
  • Silent notifications (log only), best for render-farm nodes, other scripts appear modal notifications that stop the render process
  • Instant updates from script
  • Client support
How To Install:

Download the script PruneScene.mzp and just Drag&Drop in to viewport this file.
Or choose dropdown menu Scripting → Run Script then select PruneScene.mzp.
Then follow the instructions. Have any questions about install? Please read this manual section:

How To Use:

For clear scene from garbage in rollout Main select needed options then press Start.
For detect and remove scripting viruses turn on Active Protection button (must be green).
More info in manual!

Thanks in advance for your comments



Hello. Many of you create models and sell them on 3D stocks or perhaps create your own database of models on the local network.
This script will help you prepare the model and get rid of common mistakes.
The script works fine with Corona Renderer and V-Ray.

Full Description:
Full Manual:


You can use this script fully free. But in the paid version, you will find nice bonuses, such as a one-click update "by air" and the availability of all hidden settings!

With the Model Packer, you can prepare your 3D models for uploading to 3D stocks or Asset Libraries.
Just a couple of clicks and you will create an archive with your model or scene.

YouTube demonstration videos:

Model Packer will help you:
  • Fix broken 3D model geometry
  • Add 3Ds Max scene in the most minimal version
  • Add only those textures and assets to the archive that are necessary
  • Add export files (3ds, fbx, obj, mtl)
  • Add preview
  • Rename textures
  • Rename objects
  • Rename materials
  • Create the correct structure of folders and names in the archive
  • Remove unnecessary helpers
  • Remove unnecessary trash
  • Add manifest files (ini, json, xml)
  • Convert 3D model to Corona Renderer on the fly and add as a separate scene
  • Avoid frequent mistakes when packing
Model Packer supports different packaging standards for different 3D stocks.
Thanks to the manifest files (json, xml, txt, ini), this script is the standard for Asset Libraries and personal model libraries.

Model Packer is used primarily for preparing 3D models for various 3D stocks, such as 3ddd/3dsky, 3dbaza, cgtrader, cgmood and others.

The script implements a system of presets, which helps to select automatic settings for certain rules of various sites.
Having chosen the necessary preset, you can be completely sure that your model will be moderated!

This script can be used for:
  • Preparation of 3D models for 3D stocks
  • Convenient transfer of models to a colleague/client/customer
  • Cataloging and storage of your 3D models
  • Organization of storage with 3D models in the local network
  • Creating archives for a special standard for Asset Libraries (Such as Connecter)
  • To standardize 3D models by manufacturers' websites
  • Fixing broken geometry (Reset XForm, BoxTrick, DetachTrick, Snapshot)
  • Grouping/Ungrouping Objects
  • Setting the model to the center of the stage
  • Adding information about the 3D model (name, manufacturer, tags, copyright, description, etc.)
  • Generating manifest files (txt, json, ini, xml)
  • Translation of tags into different languages ​​(Google Translate)
  • Adding a preview with the ability to overlay a watermark
  • Saving 3Ds Max scene for the minimum version
  • Removing trash objects and helpers
  • Removing Track Notes, unnecessary assets and other garbage in the scene
  • Creation of export formats (fbx, obj, 3ds, mat)
  • Renaming objects
  • Renaming textures
  • Renaming materials
  • Renaming groups
  • Removing unnecessary layers
  • Convert to Corona Renderer on the fly and create a separate scene
  • Packing only the necessary textures and assets
  • Correct directory structure
  • Correct file naming
  • Archive creation
  • Tool to create your own presets
  • Import/Export Presets
  • Instant updates
  • Multilanguage interface
  • Hints
Thanks to Model Packer, you can create the correct archive in a seconds, with this structure of files and names (see screenshot below). Great, isn't it?

The same model for the "3D BAZA" preset will look like this:

How to install:
Download the script ModelPacker.mzp and just drag it into the Viewport.
Or select the dropdown menu Scripting → Run Script , then select ModelPacker.mzp from the list of files.
Then follow the instructions. Have questions about the installation? Please read this section of the manual:

How to use:

Open the scene with the model, it is desirable that the model is in a separate scene.

Run the script Model Packer , select from the list of presets the required 3D stock or FULL CUSTOM preset, or perhaps your personal preset.

In the first step Model Transform, select your model (objects), reset the transformation using the Reset XForm, BoxTrick, DetachTrick, Snapshot.
Group the model and, if necessary, set it to the center of the scene using the Group and Set to Scene Center.
We strongly do not recommend leaving modifiers, light sources, cameras, helper objects and unnecessary layers!
Click Next to go to the next step.

Do not deselect objects until the end of the package!

In the second step of Model Info, be sure to fill in the correct name of the model. Fill in the rest of the information if necessary, such as: tags, copyright, manufacturer and add. information. Click Next .

Do not be lazy to write the correct data, it may affect the name of objects with price, textures, materials and files.
And also, it will help others to better understand what is in the archive!

If the Model Description page is available for the selected preset, fill in the description (optional). Click Next .

If the Preview page is available for the selected preset, add a preview of the model (for some presets it is required). Click Next .

At the last step Pack Model look at the Summary, make sure everything is done correctly: the correct preset is selected, the model has the correct name, the correct render and other points.
Click Package Model and in a few seconds you will see an archive with your model.

After packing, the archive should appear near the scene with the model.

Model Packer helps to avoid common mistakes:
If you have ever come across the fact that your models did not resemble moderation, at least for one of the reasons listed below, you should definitely try Model Packer.
This script will help to avoid common mistakes of the "human factor ":

  • Old textures from other models remain in the scene if you open Assets Tracker (Shift + T)
  • UV_Checker.jpg remains in the scene if you open Assets Tracker (Shift + T)
  • Position of objects not in the center of the scene
  • Wrong version set for FBX
  • Extra helper objects in FBX
  • The Viewport is not focused on the model, it feels like the scene is empty
  • FBX is not saved for the current version of the render
  • Texture or asset paths are not striped
  • There may be broken geometry and flipped polygons in the scene
  • The *.max version of the scene is not saved under the minimum version
  • Forgot to add some textures to the archive
  • Scene saved with incorrect Gamma
  • There is no Material Library in the archive (* .mat)
  • There is no *.mtl file for *.obj in the archive
  • You added a preview, but forgot to set the watermark
  • The scene uses paths or names that are not in English, causing an encoding problem for others
  • Lights or cameras are not removed in the scene
  • There are objects in the scene with the Turbo Smooth modifier with an iteration greater than 3
  • Hidden objects remain in the scene
  • Not needed animation keys in the scene


Prune Scene 3.0.0 Big Update!

In new version added:

- New virus signatures: PhysX Plugin Mfx, Desire FX CA, AlienBrains (mscprop.dll), ALC2
- Multi language interface (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Vietnamese)
- Batch Disinfect files feature for Selective Scan
- By default clear options in rollout Main are disabled! Choose what you need!
- Updated UI for some rollouts and installer

Full list changes:
+ Added: Multi Language for all interface text: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Vietnamese (tnx Lukasz Karbowski)
+ Added: Batch Disinfect files feature for Selective Scan
+ Added: New signature for Alienbrains (mscprop.dll) virus (tnx Lukasz Karbowski)
+ Added: New signature for PhysXPluginMfx virus
+ Added: New signature for ALC2 virus (tnx ocgbuluw)
+ Added: Install option for register PruneScene menu in Main DropDown Menu
* Changed: Now all options in rollout Main are disabled by default. You must enable the options you need
* Changed: Updated license window UI
* Changed: Updated About rollout UI
* Changed: Updated License rollout UI
* Changed: Updated Installer UI
* Changed: Improved detection for all signatures
* Changed: Improved stability main script
* Changed: Installer license agreement info
- BugFix: Selective Scan for files with Cyrillic symbols (tnx Daniel Diaz del Castillo Guerrero)
- BugFix: Main Toolbar icon for HiDPI Displays
- BugFix: Fixed small bugs
- BugFix: Installer text background color
- BugFix: Uninstaller not deleted some files
- BugFix: Uninstaller not removed protection from startup files


Prune Scene 2.9.1 Released!

- Added virus signature DesireFX CA
- Fixed colors for light theme 3Ds Max
- Added PayPal for support


Another thing is that we are looking at Procesor usage of 1 core of the system when doing nothing AND 25% of the gpu usage When 3dsmax is doing nothing, so we are thinking this virus is Mining some kind of crypto coin with this virus, this is our thought on this, this would be the reason to write this piece of $hit..

Please send me example of your scene via dropbox for test.
Those viruses that I saw only spoiled scenes.

Hey - the Prune Scene is not working for me - I have ALC virus (helpers) in the scene called "¡¡×ý×û" and "×þ×ü".
Anyway - Prune Scene does not remove those - however does - can you update Prune Scene script?


What version do you use? Please download and install latest version from

General CG Discussion / Re: [Useful Scripts\Tools]
« on: 2018-05-16, 13:01:13 »
Add the CopyTo script also. It is not same the Copitor, this script easy to install and more comfortable and free!

Good news for everyone. In new version Prune Scene 2.7.5 added Selective Scan.
This feature helps to scan for viruses without open the scene. It works really fast. You can scan whole partitions (C:\, D:\) or network paths.

Also added new features, for more info please read manual:

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