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There is a note about it here:
Maybe we could make it a little bit more exposed. :)

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Crash with OSL wParallax
« on: Today at 13:25:19 »
We were contacted by multiple users, we have at least one scene where the issue is reproduced and a minidump. The issue is reported for the dev/QA teams to investigate. I cannot tell what is wrong right now, but if it's something in Corona, we should be able to fix it. Crashes are high priority for us.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Shadow Artifact
« on: Yesterday at 16:52:41 »
Yes, but even if it was, our developers had already fixed some impossible issues and added impossible features, so nothing to worry about.

Please check if the same happens with Corona 9 Hotfix 1 -

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: bug visibility plane glass
« on: Yesterday at 16:50:35 »
If you set visibility to 0, you disable the visibility of the surface, but you still can see the volume (any volumetric effects such as absorption, scattering, etc).

Can you explain what exactly you would like to achieve? Maybe there is some other way to achieve it.

Having the same issue. Even after upgrading to Corona 9

Hi, please see the post above yours, and provide a minidump file as instructed. Without that, we may not be able to help. Thanks in advance!

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Shadow Artifact
« on: Yesterday at 10:54:44 »
Thanks mate.

Having a background plane showing the views are quiet important in many of my projects - so i would consider it an essential thing to fix.

Are there any plans to fix this bug?

Yes, but as the article states:
These issues are some of the most commonly encountered by the users, yet they are extremely hard to fix for our development team. Corona is intended for realistic, physically-based rendering, and the following issues usually appear if non-physical ("fake") properties are used for objects and materials.

This is fixed in Corona 9 Hotfix 1 -

Please let us know if you are still experiencing it in this version (definitely not expected!).

It is not possible to make some specific objects accept shadows only from another specific object(s) if that's what you would like to do.

How about making your window glass material darker but only when seen directly? (it would not affect reflections, refractions, GI, or lighting in general, but anything behind that window would appear darker)

Such materials, with physically correct shading, are actually included in Chaos Scans:

For example:

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-12-06, 16:41:17 »
Here is a trick:
Set up your scene with the animation you wish (e.g. animated clouds, some animated geometry - whatever you wish).
Do not enable motion blur.
Render your image as a sequence with pass limit set to 1 (it could be more if you wish to get better overall quality) and save each frame in CXR format.
Then open CIE, use the "merge" option in CIE, and pick your CXR frames.

You should get something similar to motion blur as the frames will be simply stacked on each other.

You can also use a different format and stack them in other software.

To get a different motion blur curve, you would probably have to adjust the shape of the animation curves in the 3ds Max curve editor.

Maybe you could check if all render settings are at their factory defaults? If yes - it should work fine. If not - then maybe some settings were changed by accident?

Maybe checking if "render selected" option is enabled or disabled? (it can sometimes be unexpected)

Checking if other required tools/plugins are installed on all computers? (V-Ray, other Chaos tools, iToo,...)

Are you using some remote desktop software like Team Viewer?
So far we were never able to reproduce this on our systems. The solutions which worked for some users were either switching to a different 3ds Max version (the issue seems to be specific only to Max 2022) or fully uninstalling the remote desktop software that they were using (including registry entries).

There is one more possibility, it is highly unlikely, but I would like to make sure:
If you are using some remote desktop software, is it possible that only your screen stops updating, but actually Corona is past the parsing stage and renders just fine "in the background"? So that would be an issue with sending the picture through the remote desktop app, and not actually a real freeze.

Perhaps the object is just too low-poly? Maybe subdividing it more would help?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Shadow Artifact
« on: 2022-12-06, 14:53:02 »
This is a known bug, reported many times on the forum and over the support portal, and there are some workarounds to it. Unfortunately the workarounds are not perfect. Generally it is best to avoid such "fakes" as objects which don't cast shadows or lights that don't emit light.

The issue is under "black highlights" here:

The workaround is here:

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