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If using my own XPresso tag to sync both positions I've noticed that the IR not updating only happens while both sun objects are active and casting shadows. (Normally you won't have two suns enabled anyway, but that was only for comparison :) )

TBH, never tried to simply add the Tag on the Corona Sun Object, but after a really quick test it looks like its working too :D
Was kind of proud about my first working XPresso tag so I may keep it a while ... but nice to know that there is a way simpler solution.

Recording a video is sadly not possible right now, but there may be other replies as well.

I recently tried to connect the Corona Sun to the default C4D Sun with its Sun Expression to define the day / time myself.
While testing it out I ran into the same problem, at least while I had the viewport rendering up and running ... the script didn't update the position for the Corona Sun as long as the rendering was active.
After I noticed that I switched to the non-live type of rendering everytime I changed the values :) Worked like a charm afterwards.

Ok! Back at work again.

I've checked the scene and tried to find the 'bad guy' within the group of plants, but it seems like there is none.
Sometimes it seems like I found the one object that causes the crash, but if I try a different variation of plants without the bad one, it still crashes sometimes. And if I re-add the bad one to a smaller amount of different plants it works fine again.

One thing I totally forgot to mention was the fact that I also tried to work with Edge Trimming - especially in that specific part of the scene it really helps because the plants should be a little bit bigger. For me it looks like removing all the Edge Trimming from the Opacity slots instantly solves the problem. After that I tried to remove all Edge Trimming from the Opacity slot and use a default Alpha Map to check if it happens because there is simply too much Opacity stuff happening if rendered that close, but the crash doesn't happen again. Looks like it has something to do with the Edge Trimming.

Next few steps included to find out, if there is a specific plant that causes the crash and it looks like that Majoran is causing troubles if it has Edge Trimming enabled AND is used combined with other plants. Solo Majoran plant with enabled Edge Trimming works fine, but if I add another plant to the Scatterer it crashes again. Adding all plants except Majoran (with Trimming enabled) works fine ... and adding Majoran with no Edge Trimming to the whole pack also works.

Sooo - lot of trial and error later: I'll have a look if it is enough if Majoran has no Edge Trimming enabled or if I remove that plant completely to be sure it doesn't crash later on ...
The mesh itself is quite thin and having the camera that close is nothing special I guess ... but for now I'm satifsfied. Don't know if this is now because of the mesh or if there is something 'buggy' with the Edge Trimming plugin and it would need a proper bug report?

But anyway: Thanks for the help!

First: Thanks! Really appreciate the fast response to my problem.

I'm quite busy otherwise but will hopefully check the scene tonight when I've time or - if not - I'll be back again in a week. Then I'll take a look on each plant and maybe remove the bad one.
But I'll be back with the result tonight / in a week!

Thank you!

But it seems like - internally - Chaos Scatter deploys instances for the whole object which results in crashes if I'm overdoing the Instances / cm². Camera clipping is on, the viewport only shows me preview objects inside my spline but yeah - it crashes. If I use a way smaller ground object everything works fine. :)

That's right, the scatter indeed distributes instances on the whole area and then culls them down according to defined spline area and/or camera view frustum. It have to do this, otherwise on every slightest move of the camera, or change of area defining splines, it would have to redistribute instances and that would be really bad thing - imagine rendering camera flyby animation, where scattered trees, or grass would change their position on every frame.

As for the crashes, that should not happen even with very large number of scattered instances and you should report it as suggested by Tom.

Ok, yes, sounds reasonable. Changing position every frame sounds even worse than my crashes :D

Ok! Thanks for your quick response. Just filled out the bug report form and included the project + bugreport stuff. I really hope I didn't forget something :)

Hi, hope you all doing fine! :)

I'm working with Chaos Scatter in Corona 9 (C4D 2023) and I try to use the Scatter for some small parts / thin stripes on my ground plane.
Because of the nice stuff the Scatter comes with, including the Include / Exclude with Splines and also the Edge Trimming I somehow hoped that this setup would be enough to scatter the plants, without having to cut out little islands out of my big ground plane to spawn the plants on. But it seems like - internally - Chaos Scatter deploys instances for the whole object which results in crashes if I'm overdoing the Instances / cm². Camera clipping is on, the viewport only shows me preview objects inside my spline but yeah - it crashes. If I use a way smaller ground object everything works fine. :)

Am I missing something there or is it a technical limitation I'm not aware of? For now it works like every other Scatter plugin I've tried - really hoped that I can get rid of that tedious work.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Pattern
« on: 2022-09-05, 17:32:10 »
Yeah, trying out the Corona Pattern myself right now and I don't get it at all. Even with the 3DS Max guide open. C4D is missing the Pattern Node selection, right?

Ok - working now and I get to see something.
Important: Only visible in render and the base object needs proper UV layout. Setup looks like in the attached screenshot.
Now I''ll try to get some control over all what is happening there. Looks promising!

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Object preview in asset browser
« on: 2022-08-30, 14:53:58 »
Same problem here.

Adding any object with a Corona Material to the Asset Browser results in a black preview image. It still works fine if loaded into a new scene ... only the preview is buggy.
I'm working with R26.107 and Corona 8 (Hotfix 1).

The same procedure with R25.117 works just fine.

A similar bug happened with Material previews in the Material Manager when a Corona Bitmap node was used. But that got fixed with the Hotfix 1. I guess the next hotfix will get rid of that new bug too.

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