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How do I get this solved? Any suggetion? Other thing is I cant drag my mouse over the arrows in VFB to make the adjustments and I lose a lot of time tweaking the settings. Help me please

I find easier to achieve the desired settings by scrubbing the value over the arrows when working on VTB. In my Mac book pro with over 10 years it works like a charm, but in my iMac Pro, I can only make changes by clicking the arrows, and that consumes a lot of time to get to the results I want. It’s harder to fine tune this way I think. Another thing is whenever I click in one of the vfb settings, for instance the White Balance, the IR restarts.  I can’t find why the faster rig is the slowest to make the changes


I'm getting this yellow screen whenever I do some changes on Corona Sky. I have a Corona Sky, in Shader/HDRI mode, with a Corona Color Correct in the Shader, and an HDRI image in the shader. I can do one or two rotations of the sky, but no more than that. After the third alteration, may be a rotation, but happened in the Color Correct when I touch the Exposure in the Linear (HDR) adjustments, or in the Gamma tab. What am I doing wrong?

My rig is a iMac Pro 10C with 32GB Ram. Using Cinema 4D r20 and Corona 6 Hotfix 1


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