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[Max] Feature Requests / Faster and cleaner DOF
« on: 2024-06-14, 22:22:43 »
Corona could benefit of a faster implementation of the dof, also we are missing a lot of lens effects.
Im aware of the DOF highlight solver, but right now its useless because corona denoiser is too bad compared with intel one and the noise level that would work with corona denoiser is too time consuming..

Check this out  it could be a good pairing for corona.

[Max] I need help! / [solved] 26Mb file taking ages to save
« on: 2024-03-20, 18:13:43 »
Hi, im working on a new project and suddenly it started to take a lot longer to save, i have tried sini forensics, prune scene, merging to a new file, corona cleaner.. its just simple volumes and shaders ...

Hi, im needing a tree near a facade but dont want its shadows, but im getting the bad shading bug in the facade where the shadows would be..
What can i do in these case ?
(The tree object has the cast shadows off)

Hi, im having a headache with corona caustics. After a LOT of trial and error to get decent looking caustics i started to render a test animation, to my surprise no frame gets similar caustics, so i dig deeper to finally render THE SAME frame with all methods, PT+PT UHD still, UHD animation and 4k still and animation, no matter what the frames came with different looking caustics...Im not moving the time frame or materials, but it will never look the same...

using corona 10.1 max 2023

About this Forum / Can register new user, no mail is sended
« on: 2023-07-17, 16:46:45 »
Hi, in cant create a new user for the company, I'm not receiving any confirmation email, double checked the mail address  and all..

Corona Out of core is giving us some problems, every time we open a scene made on computer A the Computer B shows missing files and the corona warning that out of core cant find the files. We narrow the issue to different languages and Different users names inside folder structure.
Is there a better way to map that corona folder for it to work on different machines ?

Hi corona developers, i want to raise a hand for a complete ram usage overview, right now i can use the Csv file that corona generates (maybe a bit easier to see, even before ram gets low ?? ) but that file just has texture ram usage, were can I see the geometry ram usage ?
Maybe a more robust file to see all the statistics ?

Hi, I have a not too big scene with a big problem.. I cant render it using displacement if i have the forest on.  WILL eat 128gb of ram..
All the terrain has a corona layer material with displacement (composite displacement and masks)
The scene only has the terrain and the forest objects

Scenario were it works:
Displacement on, terrain isolated   OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects Isolated  OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects WITH a different surface terrain that the one with displacement   OK

Scenario NOT working:
Displacement on, terrain and forest objects visible  NOT working

Corona 9.1
Max 23.3
Ryzen 7950x   128gb Ram

[Max] Feature Requests / Faster material rollouts Qt..
« on: 2023-03-09, 14:12:38 »
Hi, just now i saw a great article about vray going Qt for the materials, So we know corona materials are Slow, but how much is SLOW.. well i timed at 2.47 seconds for the corona physicals material.
NOT on a fresh new max, but on the same file the autodesk physical mat is redrawn almost in a blink.
So here is the video
Im on max 2023.3, corona 9.1
Win 10, amd 5950x 128gb ram 2060 latest drivers.

If i add a non renderable object , chaos scatter will render it. Just create a box, go to object properties and uncheck  Renderable, make a scatter with it and you will see.

*Another thing is that i want the ability to add dummy objects to a scatter, that way i can create interesting effects when using Itoo Forest (in forest i just add an object and disable it) +
*On other topic, it will be nice to be able to change all the objects Frequency at once. if you have 5 or 10 objects in your scatter you need to change it one by one..

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Crash with Bercon tile
« on: 2023-01-11, 16:02:32 »
How to reproduce the crash
Create a material with bercon tile in the diffuse, load a multitexture into it, assign to a model and put  uvmap with real world scale, start interactive render, move the uvmap. Crash 80% of the times

please HELP!

using 3dsmax 2023.3
Corona 9.1

Corona Converter 2.2.0 wont  convert 3dsmax Physical material to corona physical
Im using corona 9.1 and 3dsmax 2023.3
Is this expected ??

HI, we are using corona 9, in the new frame buffer we cant enter values that start by 0.
Just values from 1 and up. If you use the spinner the values can be less than 1 .

Pretty much real REAL time here, i love corona, but also believe that gpu rendering is the future.

if you are not interested in the technical part, just jump to minute 21:50 to see the magic.

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