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[Max] Bug Reporting / Crash with Bercon tile
« on: 2023-01-11, 16:02:32 »
How to reproduce the crash
Create a material with bercon tile in the diffuse, load a multitexture into it, assign to a model and put  uvmap with real world scale, start interactive render, move the uvmap. Crash 80% of the times

please HELP!

using 3dsmax 2023.3
Corona 9.1

Corona Converter 2.2.0 wont  convert 3dsmax Physical material to corona physical
Im using corona 9.1 and 3dsmax 2023.3
Is this expected ??

HI, we are using corona 9, in the new frame buffer we cant enter values that start by 0.
Just values from 1 and up. If you use the spinner the values can be less than 1 .

Pretty much real REAL time here, i love corona, but also believe that gpu rendering is the future.

if you are not interested in the technical part, just jump to minute 21:50 to see the magic.

Hi, we have a problem with corona when using light sources (real lights or self illumination)
If you have a global volume material or a volume effect on the scene the opacity maps will have a halo effect visible on the diffuse channel and very visible on the alpha (i have tested cliping the maps in all ways) I have a small scene attached to  see the problem.

Hi, we are facing a lot of crashes over here, can someone help us?
We are rendering an animation, ram usage is at 60 - 70% 3dsmax 2021.3.6 and corona 7.1 (middle of production so its not possible to upgrade to 8 )

Attached is the dump file, would be very grateful if someone can look inside it and help us here..

[Max] I need help! / Im getting a red corona sky as deafult
« on: 2022-06-16, 22:40:30 »
Hi, i was working as usual and suddenly started getting a red sky, deleted corona sky, uninstalled and reinstalled corona but now im getting the red corona sky on even empty scenes.. My corona License is up and running Btw.

Using 3dsmax 2021.3.6  Corona 7.1

[Max] I need help! / 3dsmax Crashes on render end
« on: 2022-04-12, 02:46:46 »
Hi, I have a render node that crashes on render end, all other nodes are working, all same corona version 7.1, 3dsmax 2021.3.6 and windows...
Any one got a clue ??

Hi, some time ago i read about the Cbitmap future ability to load the needed resolution of the texture for each scene (something like a tx texture?)
Were is corona with that ? or any other memory reduction capability  like texture compression ? Have you seen the texture compression with gpu decompression? Looks incredible!
Hope to have some news op this, One of my few complains of corona render is the high memory usage.
Thx all!!

[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona Crash when render elements used
« on: 2022-03-16, 15:36:14 »
Hi we have a scene were corona and max crashes if the render elements are active at a resolution of 3500px, the memory just hit 10gb of the 64 available
If the render elements are disabled the render starts and finish, if not the render wont even start and crash right away.
Already merged into a new scene, sued forensics and prune scene to clean it, but its a small scene..
Uploaded as Calle 93 auditorio trough corona private uploader
using Corona 7.1 and max 2021.3

I have a simple scene were the interactive freezes the second time its used, I i run the interactive for the first time and move the time line it will freeze too.
Im using 3dsmax 2021.3 and corona 7.1

[Max] I need help! / Crashing corona on file opening..
« on: 2022-03-04, 19:53:11 »
Hi, i have a 3dsmax file that crashes when opened, it works if its merged.. i contacted Autodesk and they told me that corona may be at fault here, if i open it on max 2022 were i dont have corona installed it will work, but on max 21 with corona it crashes.
Uploaded scene through private scene uploader
Name Maqueta virtual 5

Another thing, i think the bad object is the one called "Comunal" if i try to Bake to Texture that building the render will crash half way of the process

Gallery / Donum House
« on: 2022-03-01, 15:28:21 »
Donum House Cg
Architecture by studiodavidthulstrup
Photography by Eric Petschek
We made these project to test out a different approach to color, light and post production.

Complete project and full res images on behance

01-1-5-2" border="0

2-1-6-1" border="0

3-1-7-1" border="0

4-1-8-1" border="0

5-1-9-1" border="0

6-1-10-1" border="0

7-1-11-1" border="0

8-1-12-1" border="0

9-1-13-1" border="0


[Max] Bug Reporting / Bloom and glare error
« on: 2022-02-23, 15:49:38 »
Hi, we have an image were bloom and glare messes up the image
We are using custom bloom and glare together with Corona volume

We are using max 2021.3 and corona 7.1

Hi, I have a question regarding various objects that need to be combined preserving their unique unwraps for a webgl app, I have a couple of models like cars that need to be attached to BAKE on a Bake to Texture option, but these objects share the same space on their texture, so How can i attach them on a single one and not mess the unwraps they have ? We bought these models that comes on low poly with their own texture.,

Please Help!

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