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Hey guys,

Long time 3Ds Max Corona user, started a new job and they also threw in a new PC, so naturally I installed Corona 8 (trial version). Here lies the problem Corona 8 had the Chaos Scatter toolbar as expected. Last night I purchased a full license, and installed Corona 9. Weirdly though, the Chaos Scatter toolbar is no longer in the toolbar, nor is it accessible with the rightclick drop down menu. I also looked in Customise user interface, not there either. I've tried reinstalling Corona with admin rights. Uninstalled and resintalled. Still not showing the Chaos Scatter toolbar.

I'm currently on a job that requires me to scatter, so a solution would be greatly appreciated.


Gallery / Corsair F4U
« on: 2015-04-05, 00:53:31 »
A Frame from an animation for University.

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona 1.00.02 and Composited in Blender 2.74.

C&C Welcome :)

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