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Hi. I'm new here. I decided to sign up because I am considering moving over to Corona. I have been using Arnold (C4DtoA) for the last few years and I am growing weary with it. Too many problems, and it is becoming too slow.

I have downloaded the Corona trial and I plan to take some time to go through it, but I have a few questions, so I hope someone here can answer them. :)

1. What are the pro's for Corona compared to Arnold? Are there any big selling points that would make Corona stand out compared to Arnold?

Arnold is an unbiased engine (path tracing). I have never had any issues with flickering, but it does use sampling to control the quality. Lower samples result in a fast render, but the image is dirty and noisy. You have to increase sampling to get a clean image, but the render times go through the roof!

2. Does Corona have a GPU option? I was reading through some of the information online and it said that there was none. I'm assuming at least for now it's going to remain CPU?

3. How well does Corona handle large scene files with millions of polys and scattered objects?

Arnold has always handled large scenes incredibly well. I've never had any issues with that, so I wanted to ask about it. A lot of the files I work with are large with high res textures, millions of polys, and scattered objects (grass, trees, etc).

4. How well does Corona work with Mograph?

Arnold does not see certain Mograph objects and colors, so you have to use certain nodes and work-arounds to get things to work properly.

5. Does Corona have the ability to stack materials? I work a lot with objects that have multiple labels on them, and I always use flat projection when applying multiple labels with alpha channel to the object. Arnold can do this without any issues. Although at one time there appeared to be a limitation on how many materials could be stacked.

Those are the main questions I have at the moment. Thanks!

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