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I know this a job post section - but it seemed like an appropriate section to ask this.

I have an employer who is interested in hiring me - either as a 'contractor' or possible 'full-time' - it is currently undecided.

However, I live in Europe and the employer is from the USA.

Can anyone suggest a website or anything similar that helps address on how to arrange this? We have no idea where to start :D

does it have something to do with 'stepping angle'? or 'stepping percentage'?

Any way I am able to fix this?

General CG Discussion / Job contract & number of revsions?
« on: 2022-03-06, 10:44:38 »
hello -

i am about to take on work for a former employer - as a contractor. they are notorious for revisions til death.

so - couple of questions.

what is suggested for the number of revisions? i was thinking 1 round for model feedback (built from cad) and then

 2 rounds for materials and scene dressing.

charges for number of images?

does anyone have a 'contract' word document that i use and edit to fit my needs - or can suggest a template or elsewhere?

kind regards!

hello maru -

i was curious - as i had uploaded my scene about 2 weeks back to contact support via

how long does it usually take in getting feedback? i can only assume at this point that this is quite normal? 🤷‍♂️

thanks, maru -

it certainly achieved cutting down render times in some regard - but indeed, the GI is marginalized as a result.

I think it might be best to submit this through support - it would be helpful to sort this thoroughly so I don't encounter the problem again in the future.

all the best!

good to know & thanks again. 👍👏

aside from removing the fireflies - it has also boosted renders by at least 85% - insane.

i was tackling this myself for 1.2 weeks - i wish i had visited the forums much earlier :D

hey 3dboomerang - i was checking out your kuula 360 - how are getting that bokeh lighting effect? if you don't mind mt asking.

ok wow! i'm only 40 min into the render and it's way cleaner - this cuts down my renders tremendously - & no fireflies - much thanks 3dboomerang!

hey thanks 3dboomerang. that sounds promising - i'll give it a shot and get back with thie results!

okay -

so i discovered a part of the problem. which was caustics in glass materials.

i had used a grey material override in trying to discern my scene - but also allowing glass & light to be preserved.

i decided in haste to remove all caustics from my scene - as I've been needing to finish (4) 360 images since last week.

rendering a 360 tonight at about 9 hours - noise limit @ 5% - 8000 x 4000. will update tomorrow morning the results!

hello -

so i've been rendering this scene (4 cameras) for the last week - at varying times (9 hrs to 12 hrs each)

I've also been reviewing various posts on the corona forum and then attempt various adjustments on each new render - all off which have led to failure. 😒

anyway - I have officially surrendered and now seek the help from my fellow coronans.

the first 3 images are from 2 days ago - fairly clean but some noise and def some fireflies. I've been tooling with GIvsAA, light samples, etc.. none of which have worked for me.

on the following image - I had concluded that maybe it had to do with my window mats - where I decided to make them (thin) no refraction. but now heavy noise... 😢

I have included some snapshots of my render setup. also - at each window location - I am using a backplate (corona rayswitch) as you can see attached. the hdri is peter gutherie's (2003 dusk blue).

i would be more than happy to upload the file for those who would prefer to examine the scene. it's just under 400 megs zipped - fyi.

looking forward to solutions - all the best!


[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Training
« on: 2018-10-27, 13:07:12 »
I took this course last year - and it was awesome! Much like Mograph - but you get lots of one on one questions and resolutions with the instructor.

About this Forum / Re: delete old post possible?
« on: 2018-05-15, 13:04:09 »
thanks - will do shortly!

About this Forum / delete old post possible?
« on: 2018-05-15, 11:06:41 »
hello - is it possible to delete an older post? it's regarding some images i had posted to the gallery about a year ago - and would prefer to discard them from this forum.

thanks -


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