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[Max] General Discussion / Re: corona hdri as corona light
« on: 2023-01-25, 15:14:40 »
in my workflow (interior scene)
1- I save the image in .cxr format
2- apply lightmix + postprocess set for interior (hdri, sun, sky...etc.) and save
3- I apply lightmix + postprocess set for outdoors (with low exposure)
4- postproduction in photoshop and I combine the two images

if it were possible to exclude the lighting, for example hdri, from the nature outside the windows, from 4 steps we pass to 1.
This is for my way of working of course :))
In general, the option of exclusion or inclusion in the corona lights is perfect and very flexible; especially for backlit images

thanks, Matteo

[Max] General Discussion / corona hdri as corona light
« on: 2023-01-25, 12:40:30 »
Hello everybody; I'm working on a scene and I thought:
it would be nice to have HDRI lighting as a corona light with some of the options available;
so I can choose which objects to exclude or add; for example it is convenient to exclude external areas and not have overexposure

it's an idea..maybe it's already possible and I don't know..

ok solved; i re installed corona 9 and now i have chaos scatter

I have installed and use corona 9 regularly; today I wanted to use chaos scatter for the first time; I didn't have it in the toolbar; so
customize-toolbar-chaos scatter; but when i click i have this error (screenshot);
I have to uninstall corona 9 and reinstall from scratch or how can I do?
thank you

ok thanks.. it's an interesting solution and i have to do some tests.
I also thought of two separate renderings .. one external and one internal and then merge them in PS. but the calculation times increase a lot

Hi; I have a all renders :)
to underexpose the exterior (even if it's not fiscally correct), I usually create exterior materials and decrease the gamma or exposure value.
If I want to create a plane that generates shadow, how can I make only the exterior materials receive that plane's shadow?
so as not to affect the internal light? it's possible? thank you

Gallery / New Residential Building Complex - Italy
« on: 2022-11-24, 16:32:07 »
Hi, here is my latest work
of course, Corona Render :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: caustics problem
« on: 2022-11-03, 12:10:17 »
thanks for the support and advice :)

[Max] General Discussion / caustics problem
« on: 2022-11-03, 10:49:10 »
I am attaching a part of an image of a swimming pool.
I activated caustics solver (in performance) and in the water material the caustics option (slow);
if I do a short preview I see all these luminous artifacts; it also happens in another scene without the glass .. how can I solve?
do i have to exclude the materials that cause me problems from the caustics?
thanks for the support

i have a doubt with batch render.

I saved two lightmix setups (one purple (just to understand) as in the picture and one normal);
in batch render I select the various corona cameras (the batch render starts with the last saved lightmix, in this case the purple one).
Save the images in .cxr

I open corona image editor:
- I apply the postprocessing file to the image (ok)
- I can't apply the relative lightmix file .. why? i want to change the light mix from purple to normal color

ps. in render elements I have:

[Max] I need help! / Re: batch render / lightmix setup
« on: 2022-08-30, 11:38:18 »
ok thanks for the support, I definitely try this method too and see how it works.

[Max] I need help! / batch render / lightmix setup
« on: 2022-08-29, 11:59:07 »
hello everyone .. I'm in the corona render test phase.
I have a question. if at night I start more renderings.. I use batch render linked to the state scenes.
How do I link the lightmix settings to each image?

I thought:
save the lightmix file (.conf) for each image.
the next morning I open each image with corona image editor and apply the relative saved .conf file to the images
it's correct?

ok thanks, i was thinking about a problem with my cosmos profile.
Though I have seen the corona library and it is amazing with photorealistic materials.
Thanks for support

Hello everybody,
I started today to try corona render (I use vray gpu) and I am impressed by the stability and speed of the interactive rendering.
I have a question:
i tried to open chaos cosmos with vray and i see some differences with chaos cosmos corona. it is my problem having at the moment vray and corona
or in corona, for example, the decals category is missing; or in vray cosmos i see 540 fabrics and in corona cosmos i have 10 assets..

thank you very much for the advice; you are very kind;
i want to test corona with my current workstation and then test it with the new workstation.
I don't ask the question..better corona or vray ..
but for me there are some points:
- corona's forum gallery in architecture is amazing and very extensive
- personally i love corona sun and sky and i think they are better than vray
- the glass material of the corona are better
- the cost of a cpu workstation is much less than a gpu

I am a little scared by the rendering times for my workflow but I have to do tests.
Thanks, Matteo

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