Author Topic: Bumping the bump bug  (Read 377 times)

2023-11-01, 16:06:20


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I'm using the latest daily for a project and encounter for the thousand time various bug and inconsistencies with the bump channel.

Errors found in my current scene :

• Bump doesn't work with Render Instances in IR ( took me 10 minutes to find why the bump wasn't appearing )
• Corona Bitmap > Corona Color Correct > Bump = Color Correct doesn't work as expected, for example setting the curve flat from one end to the other makes no difference. Contrast doesn't work. Brightness works.
• Corona Bitmap > Filter = doesn't work
• Bitmap / Corona Bitmap > Mapping Randomizer = bump breaks if there is another material tag on the object ( and only bump, basecolor if fine ).

And these are not the only ones, there are also issues with Triplanar and Layer shaders to fix.

Bump is a critical feature, could you guys fix these once and for all in the upcoming release ? It's been at least FOUR years that some of these are reported and since this time they're living a long and happy life inside our beloved render engine.


2023-11-01, 22:02:48
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Yup, preparing maps as best as possible, or editing on the fly (3rd party app) and excluding use of Corona Bitmap & CC is still advisable for more Effortless workflow™. (Bump and "Filter" work w/o those - on top layer).

2023-11-02, 09:22:22
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2023-11-02, 11:06:51
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I feel that the Corona Bitmap node needs an urgent update in general. There are several threads on this forum noting its various shortcomings.

2023-11-02, 12:05:31
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Hi there, we do have these logged and the issues are being looked into. I can confirm that some of these have been addressed from some testing today. Stay tuned ;)
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