Author Topic: Corona for C4D A6 RC6 released!  (Read 2748 times)

2016-12-19, 13:56:03


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Download it from:

Changes from last version:
 - Fixed loading of Corona Camera (e. g. shutter speed was not loaded properly)
 - Fixed corrupted multipass images during render preview (happened when LWF was off)
 - Fixed VFB history on macOS
 - Fixed freezes of Corona VFB on macOS
 - Fixed render resuming (in Corona VFB)
 - Fixed problems with statistics in Corona VFB
 - Fixed crashes in Corona Bitmap
 - Fixed crop and placement in Corona Bitmap
 - Fixed global preferences for material preview
 - Fixed animation of materials
 - Fixed motion blur when rendering using Corona VFB
 - Added Corona Output shader