Author Topic: Interactive Render - Max crash when adding object to group  (Read 3822 times)

2015-10-28, 04:59:45


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Max2016+SP1+EXT1+Win7P64bit CoronaRC2
WIth IR on, and adding object to a group it causes max to crash (save on way out)

Works on Any scene

Make two cubes
make scene use material override
put box one in group
exclude group from material override
start IR
attach 2nd cube to excluded group
= Max crash

must seem terribly obtuse but we use it alot for scene massing to get windows and trees looking different from override.

2015-10-28, 13:44:27
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Fixed, thanks for reporting
Rendering is magic.How to get minidumps for crashed/frozen 3ds Max | Sorry for short replies, brief responses = more time to develop Corona ;)